In order to improve the level of automation and control level, domestic large-scale Chinese medicine group and major pharmaceutical companies have invested a large amount of funds for the renovation of production plants and equipment, and the design scale of traditional Chinese medicine extraction is also expanding, from the annual extraction capacity of hundreds of tons, to thousands and tens of thousands of tons; traditional extraction method of manual feeding and dregs discharging can not meet the needs of large-scale production of Chinese medicine. We, CHENGDONG MEDICINE MACHINE, base on our many years of pharmaceutical equipment design and manufacturing experiences, launch the DIGITAL AUTOMATIC FEEDING AND DREG DISCHARING EXTRACTION PRODUCTION LINE, and realize the PIPELINING, CONTINUOUS, AUTOMATION and INTELLIGENT of traditional Chinese medicine extraction line of FEEDING, DECOCTION, DREG DISCHARGING, DREG SQUEEZING etc. operation unit.

Classic case
CHENGDONG MEDICINE MACHINE designed and manufactured Intelligent Digital Traditional Chinese Medicine Extraction workshop at Tai’an Tang. It is an integrate automatic extraction and processing platform of traditional Chinese Medicine, covers “Chinese Medicine Purchasing Procurement — Warehousing Scheduling — Pretreatment — Digital Control Extraction — Sample Analyzing”. It is the first ten thousand tons grade intelligent and digital production line in Eastern Guangdong area. The production line equipped with Chinese Medicine Extraction Tank, Double Effect Concentrator, MVR Concentrator, Spherical Concentrator, Single Effect Concentrator, Alcohol Precipitation Tank, Percolation Tank, Alcohol Automatic Formulating and Recovery System, Automatic Dreg Discharging System (dreg discharging for water extraction, dreg steam heating and discharging for alcohol extraction, dreg steam heating and discharging for alcohol precipitation), CIP On-line Cleaning System, Vacuum Belt Dryer, Square Vacuum Drying Units and other equipments, a composition of a full function of Traditional Chinese Medicine Automatic Extraction workshop

Work Process
The whole process of the production line using the “central control room” of the microcomputer intelligent operation, the system accurately control the material feeding until the feeding port of the extraction tank. Extraction tank adopts our own patented technology, filtration device is set at the discharge port of the extraction tank in order to separate the dreg and extract after extraction; a screw extruder is using for dregs separation, dregs from each extraction tank directly go into the screw extruder for pressed drying, and then finally dregs are delivery to the dreg truck. Traditional chinese medicine digital automatic feeding and dreg discharging extraction production line achieves the automatic, digital management and control from the feeding, watering, extraction, circulation, liquid discharge, material discharge, filtration, dregs extrusion, dreg discharge, automatic cleaning etc., in line with (GMP) standards.

Functions of automated extraction tank: automatic water (alcohol) feeding, automatic heating, heat preservation, immersion, timing, steam pressure automatic regulation, and automatic decoction, automatic circulation, automatic extract discharging, automatic dreg discharging, automatic cleaning, automatic production reports etc.