The concentrator is used for chinese medicine, western medicine,glucose, starch, MSG, food-dairy products and chemical industries to
concentrate the liquid materials, especially for concentrating heat-sensitivity materials in vacuum at a low ternpreture.

The Centre Of Double-Effect Concentrator Contrl

Features And Benefits

1. Energy efficiency, according to calculation of SJN -1000B type, in one year, can saving 3500 tons of steam, 90000 tons of water, electricity 80000 degrees, about RMB 100000-150000 yuan in total(Compared with single-effect).

2. Adopt external heating with natural ring type and negative pressure evaporating type, has high evaporate speed, great concentration proportion, up to 1.4(general medicine extract), no need the caldron to collect.

3. The concentrator adopt 2-effect evaporate at the same time, the second evaporation to be used, energy consumption is50% lower compared with the other concentration, using the equipment recovered alcohol the concentration can reach 80 degrees.

4. The concentrator has a special structure, concentrate tasted thick, the cream is uniform. The material evaporate in a sealed no foam state, difficult to run material, reduce pollution, material will be concentrated completely the same day, not easy to coking, easy to wash.

5. Have been setted automatic drainage, condensate water of evaporation can drain off automatically.

6. The concentrator uses(0Cr18Ni9) stainless steel, meet the medical food hygiene requirements, meet(GMP)standards.

Technical Parameter

Patent Number:ZL01333918.4