ZDG Series Vacuum Belt-Type Dryer

Working Pinciple

The work principle of vacuum auto belt-type dryer: In the high vacuum degree container, the material are continuous coated in the slow moved belt, formed thinnish coating; the belt deliver the material into the heating section, make the material heating and slough moisture, and then enter into the cooling section cooling the material to brittleness, and collected in the terminal. Because drying in the high vacuum degree condition, the low drying temperature, are good at keep extract original taste. Meanwhile, the drying whole process continuous auto running, accord with therequirement of GMP clean Product, and is the best choice of Chinese medicine modernization.

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Main Characteristics

1. Drying product are concentrated liquid of natural medicine which through the water extract, alcohol extract or other organic solvent extract, generally the concentrated liquid including solid amount is about 50%, no need to add any auxiliary material.

2. Main body structure is stainless steel sealing container, work continuously, feed material continuously, discharging continuously. Meet up the requirement of medicine, foodstuff Product quality management rule.

3. The whole drying process of Vacuum belt-type dryer divided into 4-5 sections, 3-4 heating sections and 1 cooling section.

4. The unit heating source adopts hot water and pressured hot water, equipped with water cooling system. Heating source adopts steam and
electric heating ways.

5. Before drying, the material should be preheated to add the flowability, use the screw metering pump to feed material, can handle with the Chinese medicine extract with high viscosity(relative density: 1.35-1.45), also suitable for milk, coffee, instant tea and high absorbent resin.

6. The charging amount can fine-tuning and auto control, even if in the condition of charging amount is so less, the coating device can coating uniformly, so as to optimizing drying technology; every belt is equipped with solely screw pump as the feed pump.

7. The belts are imported Teflon belt, resist stick, resist chemical products, resist temperature from-70℃~260℃, and pass the approval of FDA, can be safety used in medicine, foodstuff industry. The length is according to the technical, has different specifications, every belt separately drove by variable frequency motor, belt moved speed is adjusted by variable frequency control speed unit.

8. Due to the thermal sensitivity of natural medicine, adopts low temperature drying way, in the drying process the products temperature are generally at 40℃-50℃.

9. Vacuum dryer adopts SUS304 stainless steel, all the sealing parts are according to the requirement of pharmaceutical industry, meet up the requirement of (GMP).

Technical Parameter

Vacuum auto belt-type dryer are widely usage, and drying all kind of natural medicine extracts, include the thermal plasticity products (polysaccharide, colloid, lipid ingredient, etc) and other difficult dried products.

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