CD-Type Continuous Counter Current Ultrasonic Extraction Device


As a result of special cavitation of ultrasonic, promote rupture of material cell wall, which greatly accelerated the chemical composition of protoplasm dissolved in solvent process.

This device adopt counter-current can do fair-current operation mode, materials, solvents can be positive and negative movement, built-in screw and pneumatic stirring ultrasound uniform, with continuous, low temperature, rapid, high yield and other advantage, especially for alkaloids in Chinese herbal medicine, glycosides and extraction of active ingredients, the effect is especially prominent, meet(GMP)standards.

Device Features

1.Steam heating jacket, set temperature control device, temperature 20~60℃.

2.Ultrasonic field uniformity, most of the material handling time is not more than 60min.

3.Compared with most traditional methods, extracting rate can be increased by 20%.

4. High concentration of extract , less solvent, conducive to subsequent purification.

Technical Parameter

Note: Can do custom design according to user’ needs , or adding immerse-type vibrator column in extraction tank to meet the process requirements.

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