RCN-0.5m³~6m³ Hot Reflux Extraction and Concentration Device


This equipment applies to extraction, concentration, extract, essential oil extraction and alcohol recovery for plants, animals, medicine, food additives.

Working Principle

Feed herbal into the extract tank, add 5~10 times of solvent once, open the steam valve of open extractor jacket after soaking, about 1 hour after boiling, can recovery the aromatic oil after the oil-water of condensate separate.

Close the second steam valve on the top of extraction tank, open the vacuum, the extract was inhaled into evaporator after filtered, the second steam which was produced by boiled liquid will go into receiving tank after condensate, as a new solvent back to extraction the tank intervallic, to promote medicines solute can rapid dissolve out.

Continuous circulation of about 3 to 4 hours, the color of extract liquid will lighter until to the basic steady, the condensate will be no longer flow into the extraction tank, the tank can be unloaded residue after the extracts are pumped completely.
The bottom of the evaporator can be equipped with a steam jacket, turn off the nozzle and butterfly valve of heater cycle pipe, can can use conic bottom to collect extract cream.

Structural Characteristics

1. Set boiling, heat reflux, forced circulation, essential oil extraction and concentration, solvent recovery, extract into one, one machine with several purposes.

2. Using push-pull self-locking patent slag door, stainless steel hard pipe leads-out liquid, save, do not leak drops of liquid.

3. According to technology needed to achieve negative pressure, atmospheric pressure and other extraction operation, switching valves can be easy to operate.

4. Extraction and concentration share a condensing system, machine structure is compact, small footprint, fast recovery of the volatile oil.

5. Solvent used closed & cycled in the device, reduce more than 50% input, can reduce the pollution of the environment, meet the (GMP) requirements.

Technical Parameter

Patent Number:ZL01244590.8

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