SJM-1000∽10000 Series Multi-Effect Fall-Film Evaporator


Multi-effect Fall-film Evaporator adopts falling film evaporating principal to heat the dilute solution up to boiling, making some part of water vaporize to attain the purpose of concentrating solution. This set of device is a new Product through our operational development with each technical index up to international advanced standards. By comparison to traditional evaporator, our product is widely applied to in such fields as food processing, juice concentrate, drinking Product, dairy Product, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, waste water treatment and environmental project etc, having advantages of low cost, easy operation and stable performance over
traditional evaporator.

Main Characteristics

1. Burst heat transmission and energy-saving. As a high efficient energy-saving concentration equipment, the evaporator can be assembled into two-effect, three effect, four-effect and five-effect evaporation system, fully utilizing the heat energy with low steam consumption. Just only one kilogram steam can evaporate four kilogram water. One effect evaporator shell works under vacuum state by conversion from pressure energy transfer to kinetic energy as a result of passing by jet heat pump. The tail steam of one-effect enters into pre-heater with some secondary steam of the preheated liquid pumped into one-effect again by jet heat pump, making maximum use of heat.

2. High Concentration Ratio(1/51/10), wide viscosity area(<400cp)Due to the falling film evaporation, the liquid film flows from top to bottom along the pipe wall. What’s more, owing to the gravity, the solution with high viscosity flows and evaporates easily without coking.

3. The equipment can adopt downstream continuous feeding, as well as upstream or mixed-flow feeding. When adopting down-stream feeding, the flow direction of solution is the same to the heating steam, and the material enters into the one-effect. However, when adopting up-stream feeding, inlet the material from the last effect while outlet from the first effect.

4. The equipment can be controlled manually, as well as semiautomatically or automatically. When controlled automatically, the technological parameters such as steam pressure, the temperature of each control point, liquid level, vacuum degree and feed liquid gravity etc, feedback their value to computer control system through the sensor,so the operator can control these parameter by computer ln the control room.

5. The equipment can be made of different kinds of material according to different materials and technological demands, such as TA2 Titanium, lCrl8Ni9Ti stainless steel, ordinary carbon steel(surface contacting with material is bedaubed with special antiseptic and antirust paint). Under the condition of wastewater treatment, bedaub the surface of ordinary carbon steel with special antiseptic and antirust paint can save a large sum of device investment, which have been tested by our factory repeatedly. So the equipment is really a preferred product for the wastewater treatment station, meet (GMP) standards. 

Technical Parameter

The Physical Characteristics and Resistance to Environment(the Special Antiseptic and Antirust Paint of the Ordinary Carbon Steel)

Five-Effect Fall-Film Evaporator

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