Automatic Macroporous Resin Absorbing Unit

System Components and Characteristics

(1) Automatic control system

The system can realize control and data collection of pumps, valves and various online detectors (flow transmitter and pressure transmitter), conveniently complete the four-columns series and parallel operation
and guarantee the stability and accuracy of technology.

(2) Structure of resin column

The structure of resin column is well designed with reasonable height-diameter rate The precise inlet and outlet fluid distributing device is equipped with automatic filling system and compressed air connector to
guarantee the filling effect of macroporous resin column and the regeneration effect of filler so as to provide guarantee for the high efficiency separation.

The macroporous resin absorbing and separating technology is a new separation and purification technology that adopts special absorbent to selectively absorb the effective parts from the boiled compound liquid of traditional Chinese medicine and remove the ineffective components. It can solve the problems of high dosage, product moisture absorption and heavy metal residual and etc. during the production of traditional Chinese medicine. The refining products obtained through the macroporous resin absorbing technology will make highly enriched effective components of medicine with less impurity, and the extracting rate is only 2~5% of crude drug, which is about 30% through water boiling method and 15% through alcohol precipitation method. It can effectively remove the moisture absorption components to facilitate the production of various traditional Chinese medicine injections and enhance the stability of products. It can effectively remove the heavy metal. The extracts obtained through the macroporous resin absorbing and separating technology have small volume without moisture absorption, which can easily be made into various injections with beautiful appearance and are especially suitable for the production of particles, capsules and tableis etc., so as to upgrade the rough, big and black traditional Chinese medicine preparations into modern preparations. The technology is one of the technical advances that influence most and drive extensively the extracting technology of traditional Chinese medicine.


Automatic Macroporous Resin Absorbing Unit

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