DJN Single Effect Concentrator / Evaporator


This equipment applies to Chinese medicine, western medicine, glucose, brewing, starch, oral liquid, chemical, food, MSG, dairy and other industrial alcohol recovery, can be used for small volume, variety and more heat-sensitivematerials at low ternperature vacuum concentration.

Technical Parameter


A device operating two methods (see note)

1. Alcohol recovery: improving the process of equipment, recovery rate reach 95%, alcohol c onsumption is less than 5%. Reduce 30% energy consumption, with features of small investment and high recovery efficiency.

2. Concentrated liquid material: the plant adopts external heating with naturaI circulation vacuum evaporation, has rapid evaporation speed, concentration ratio is up to 1.4; liquid is concentrated in a sealed without bubble state, the concentrated liquid is no pollution with dense taste.Appearance of the equipment is nice, easy to clean, meet (GMP) standards.

3. Setted automatic drainage device, condensate water from evaporation can be drained out automatically.

The Unit of Guangdong TaiAn Tang Single Effect Concentrator

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