SL-500~10m³ Stainless Steel Percolation Pot


The equipment is suitable for traditional Chinese medicine, plant, animal, food, chemical industries, etc., to do percolation operation, except frankincense, rosin, aloe and other non-organizational medicine materials (soften to caking if meet solvent), will block the holes make solvent to be unable to pass to medicine materials uniform, couldn’t do percolation operation, other medicine materials can use this method to extract.

Working Principle

Percolation is extraction method that adding solvent to thick powder of medicine materials and let the solvent go cross the powders, flow out extract liquid from the bottom exit. When do percolation, after the solvent goes into the cell of medicine materials and dissolves a large number of soluble materials, the density increases, the density increases and moves down wards, upper solvents or the dilute liquid replace the position, causing a good difference density, let the spread process well and naturally, so the result of extract is superior to the dip method, can extract more completely, and save the time of separate the dip liquid, meet(GMP)standards.

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